Museum Lighting and Texture WIP

Posted: March 22, 2011 in lighting, Texturing, WIP

Wow, so this has been a really crazy month. Lots of things going on and work to be done, both personal and school/career-wise. So, I’ve been forced to do a sort of “all-in-one” update on this one, instead of posting for each progression.

First is the UV layout with shaders. Not really much to look at on this, as the detail of the models tends to make it look like a jumble of colored checkerboards, but still an important step. Some preliminary lighting work is started on this as well.

Next is the first round of texture work. Not all of them are present yet (signs are missing, for instance), but the idea was to focus on key items, like the skeletons. They are bump mapped as well. The lighting was still being worked out, and there was an issue with the refractions of the glass shaders. Still, moving right along…

This is where things diverged somewhat. I was initially going for a sunlit scheme (skylights) with the practical lights inside the museum on, as they often are. As I mentioned before, I found a great reference pic showing a nice separation of the different color temperatures of the sunlight and tungsten inside the museum. However, on further reflection, my instructor and classmates felt that this was an HDRI image taken over time, and that it did not look natural. So, I decided to go more for a straight, sunlit scene.

Which resulted in this. All of the practical lighting inside the museum has been turned off, to simulate more of a purely sunlit area. As a result, everything else had to be tweaked, including textures and shaders. The bump maps have been turned down a little since they were a bit much.

Here I added spotlights and a light fog to bring some interest to the scene by giving the impression of particles in the air. This and many other little changes to the lighting, including toning down the foreground, made other changes necessary. One was the loss of reflections in the glass of the skull case, as well as some other reflections.

So I worked on the reflections a bit more, as well as some of the texture placement, and eventually came to this. Depth of field has also been altered slightly to focus on the front half, as Maya loves to put everything out completely in focus.

This one was certainly more of a challenge then the study scene, and I will probably work on it a little more before I call it “done”, which I may post. There are a few things on it that I know I can make even better with a bit more time. Overall, though, a great learning experience!


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