Old Armatures and New Beginnings

Posted: January 8, 2015 in stop-motion, update

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted again, but that’s because I have finally moved to sunny Burbank, California! That’s right kiddies, I’ve packed my bags, loaded up all of my crap and left Chicagoland just in time for the brutal winter to set in. The timing was not planned that way – it just happens to have been when our lease was up. Really. You won’t see me complaining, though. 😉

It has taken some effort to become acclimated to this new environment and I do have my gripes, but from what I’ve seen, they’re the same things most people take issue with (bad drivers, anyone?). The lack of refrigerators took me completely by surprise, though. That’s right, you read that correctly. If you’re from another area and you plan on coming out here, consider this your fair warning: be prepared to buy, rent, borrow, steal etc. your own refrigerator. 99% of the places out here do not come with one. Neat, eh?

The thing I do absolutely love, though, is the amount of creativity and industry surrounding us. Besides the studios, art and artists are everywhere, and although we have not seen anyone we recognize, we have overheard some interesting film conversations in restaurants. The energy is thick and it makes me inspired and hopeful for my future career. It’s exciting and it’s the REAL reason I came out here in the first place.

The other interesting thing I came across in the process of packing were some of my old (and newer) stop-motion armatures. Just for kicks, I decided to line them up and take a pic.


Now, from left to right we have one of the characters from “In The Park” that is a block type, single wire with resin feet (some body foam still attached). Next is ball-and-socket Grandpa, who’s looking a little skinnier these days. ;-P. His silicone head and a silicone foot are still there, but the rest has been stripped down for future recycling. After that is the first wire bundle armature I made for Caterpillar, when I was playing around and testing out the decidedly non-human design (see previous posts for the final piece). And then lastly we have my current piece in its very early stages. Another wire bundle, I am combining a couple of techniques I have learned from Stoopid Buddy and the Chiodo Bros. to create this decidedly large, humanoid character. I will dedicate another post (or two) to that when it is further along, but for now, I just found it curious to lay them out and have a look at them.

Different styles, different characters. It made me reflect a bit on where I was when each one was made and where I am going. I like to think my skills are evolving and growing with each new piece, but it also feels like they are adapting to the different challenges in my work. That’s another reason why I came out here – to change things up.

So, now it is time to embrace another challenge. See you soon!


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