The Newest Thing (for me) – Modeling

Posted: April 12, 2011 in modeling

I freely admit I have no plans to be a Modeler. Of all of my interests in the field, it is one of the weakest. Maybe that is because I have only really ever modeled in Maya and a little in Max. Folks always like to tell me how ‘great’ Mudbox and Zbrush are, and they’re probably right. But for now, I am once again being instructed on how to model more efficiently in Maya, so that is where we’re at.

That is where these come in. The idea was to “speed model” five animals as quickly as possible using polygons and reference to get down their forms to recognizable shilouettes. We didn’t concern ourselves with attaching the meshes or refining details.

If you can tell what they are, that’s a good start. I won’t bother showing the full render, since it’s not much to look at. 😛 But that wasn’t the point, anyway.

So modeling is admittedly not my focus or strong suit, but I will learn as much as I can and do the best that I can. Otherwise what’s the point, right? 😉


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