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Thesis Character CG Models

Posted: March 26, 2014 in modeling, thesis, WIP
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The CG models of the two main characters are progressing full speed ahead! They are being done in ZBrush, which I’m getting a hand with from a more experienced user. Most of my models have been done directly in Maya up to this point.


The Bookworm with his book bag.


Caterpillar in-progress shot.

Caterpillar with her wild "hair".

Caterpillar with her wild “hair”.

Unfortunately, I was not chosen for the grants I applied for, so I will have to reconsider my choice of stop-motion for the animation. I am now researching alternatives, specifically CG animation done in a style to emulate stop-motion. I recently saw the Lego Movie, and I was quite impressed with the look that they achieved with that film. I have not ruled out the possibility of creating physical models of the characters later for fun, though, if time and money allows. Might be neat conversation pieces for the finished short. 😉

Texturing and rigging are up next!


Thesis Environment Designs

Posted: February 24, 2014 in thesis, WIP

Here we have, as promised, the environment designs for the house interiors in color! Created, once again, with the help of Juliet H. I think they reflect the characters’ personalities very well. What do you think?

Bookworm's bedroom.

Bookworm’s bedroom.

Bookworm's hallway leading to kitchen area.

Bookworm’s hallway leading to kitchen area.

Bookworm's hallway leading to front door.

Bookworm’s hallway leading to front door.

Bookworm's kitchen.

Bookworm’s kitchen.

Bookworm's living room area/study.

Bookworm’s living room area/study.

Bookworm's chair in the living room - different view.

Bookworm’s chair in the living room – different view.

Caterpillar's hallway area!

Caterpillar’s hallway area!

Caterpillar's living room area.

Caterpillar’s living room area.

Caterpillar's kitchen.

Caterpillar’s kitchen.

Caterpillar's bedroom!

Caterpillar’s bedroom!

I am still proceeding with the intention to complete this as a stop motion/CG hybrid film, although some of this is contingent on the ability to secure funding for the more expensive bits. I have applied for production grant money, so hopefully some of that will work out. I have also worked out a preliminary budget and begun production planning accordingly. It is amazing how much the Producing class I am currently in has been directly useful this quarter. 🙂

As always, constructive criticism/feedback is very welcome! Thanks!

I’ve started in with my thesis project, and although the script, storyboards and animatic are (almost) completely done, I am keeping the story to myself and a select few others for now. I do, however, have several character and environment designs to share. These were created in collaboration with a very talented freelance designer named Juliet H.


This is my Bookworm character. He is very much what his ‘name’ implies. He is the main character in this little film.


This is the Caterpillar. She is a bit of a free spirit who tries to enjoy life, but with a kind heart.


The Bookworm’s house. I know the apple can be a little cliche, but I really like the style on this. I just feel it fits his personality, and it works well in their treetop home.


The Caterpillar’s home. A little whimsical, like her. Also fits with her nature and the larger environment.

The interiors of the houses will be worked out shortly. We don’t actually see any of the inside of the Caterpillar’s house as the story is now, but it’s good to have it anyway. The more developed things are, the more real they feel, IMO.

I am honestly still debating whether or not to do this stop-motion or CG. I would love to do it stop-motion, but it would be a huge amount of work to complete on my own within the one year timeframe. The school would prefer I do it CG, but they are not forcing me to do so. Of course, I can combine the two, which is what I may end up doing. We’ll see. In the meantime, if you have any opinion on the matter or any feedback on these designs, fire away! I’ll be working on the color palettes and finishing “Grandpa”. 😉