Museum Lighting and Texture WIP Stage One – Layout and Shaders

Posted: February 28, 2011 in lighting, Texturing, WIP

This is the new one I’m working on. Again, I would love to take credit for these models, but they are NOT mine. They were obtained online from (I believe) 3DRender under a non-commercial use agreement. I have, however, done the layout and applied the various shaders at work here, with some preliminary lighting worked in. The building model has skylights, and I have begun to simulate the look of sunlight coming in through them. I found a really interesting reference photo of the main floor of the Field Museum in Chicago with Sue the T-Rex skeleton, with some great separations of light between the more blue temperature of the sunlight coming in and the orange of the tungsten lights on the floor, cases and walls. I am hoping to come as close to that effect as possible. We’ll see!

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