Stop-motion Stage on a Budget

Posted: June 3, 2013 in stop-motion, update

Some people have asked to see what my homemade stop motion setup looks like, so here you go. I built the stage from pegboard mounted on 2x4s (so I could reach underneath) cut to size and then glued and nailed together. The board was then topped off with some fine velvet to simulate carpet for this shoot, which is held on with spray adhesive for easy removal later. This is also a green screen shoot, so the cardboard screen is behind there. My lights are the clip-on variety you can find at any Home Depot, attached to laundry poles, of all things. They’re great, though. As you can see, they have multiple “arms” so I can attached several lights as well as being fully adjustable. I have my DSLR attached to my laptop, which is shooting in wonderful, little ‘ole Dragonframe.

A simple setup that obviously doesn’t match what the pro studios have, but it works for my smaller scale projects, and I don’t have the budget of a studio. 😉 I’ll be sharing the footage from this short soon!




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