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Thesis Environment Designs

Posted: February 24, 2014 in thesis, WIP

Here we have, as promised, the environment designs for the house interiors in color! Created, once again, with the help of Juliet H. I think they reflect the characters’ personalities very well. What do you think?

Bookworm's bedroom.

Bookworm’s bedroom.

Bookworm's hallway leading to kitchen area.

Bookworm’s hallway leading to kitchen area.

Bookworm's hallway leading to front door.

Bookworm’s hallway leading to front door.

Bookworm's kitchen.

Bookworm’s kitchen.

Bookworm's living room area/study.

Bookworm’s living room area/study.

Bookworm's chair in the living room - different view.

Bookworm’s chair in the living room – different view.

Caterpillar's hallway area!

Caterpillar’s hallway area!

Caterpillar's living room area.

Caterpillar’s living room area.

Caterpillar's kitchen.

Caterpillar’s kitchen.

Caterpillar's bedroom!

Caterpillar’s bedroom!

I am still proceeding with the intention to complete this as a stop motion/CG hybrid film, although some of this is contingent on the ability to secure funding for the more expensive bits. I have applied for production grant money, so hopefully some of that will work out. I have also worked out a preliminary budget and begun production planning accordingly. It is amazing how much the Producing class I am currently in has been directly useful this quarter. 🙂

As always, constructive criticism/feedback is very welcome! Thanks!