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Character Animation In Progress

Posted: November 13, 2010 in animations, WIP

Okay, here we have my first in progress installment of my most recent character animation for class. Before you view, keep in mind that this is a ROUGH layout of key poses and timing with very few inbetweens for the piece. That means it is in steps, and will appear “choppy” for those who aren’t familiar with this process. Lip sync is not yet addressed but will be in the next update, and there will eventually be a backdrop and chair instead of the cube. The audio clip is from “Young Frankenstein” and the models are the public Generi rig by Andrew Silke. Feel free to offer CONSTRUCTIVE comments and criticism, either here or on one of my many social network accounts. But be warned – if they are not helpful, I may send the Zombot to your house to eat your computer! šŸ˜›


So here we have a little composite/animation I did recently of a robot with apparently REALLY bad coordination stumbling around in what looks like a tunnel to Narnia – or an old sewer, take your pick.

 The background is a photo and the robot is a child of Maya 2010, naturally. It still needs some tweaks, which I will continue to poke at in my spare time. I would like to soften the edges of the shadow some more and add some audio and what I like to call “short circuit” effects (or what Mike would call Quantum Leap lightning) to emphasize the, uh… ‘malfunction’. On the other hand, I do kinda like the zombot walk by itself. What do you think?

And would a zombot eat robots’ CPUs? Or a vampdroid drink oil, for that matter? I must know!