Would A Zombot Eat Other Robots’ CPUs?

Posted: January 29, 2010 in animations, lighting, Texturing

So here we have a little composite/animation I did recently of a robot with apparently REALLY bad coordination stumbling around in what looks like a tunnel to Narnia – or an old sewer, take your pick.

 The background is a photo and the robot is a child of Maya 2010, naturally. It still needs some tweaks, which I will continue to poke at in my spare time. I would like to soften the edges of the shadow some more and add some audio and what I like to call “short circuit” effects (or what Mike would call Quantum Leap lightning) to emphasize the, uh… ‘malfunction’. On the other hand, I do kinda like the zombot walk by itself. What do you think?

And would a zombot eat robots’ CPUs? Or a vampdroid drink oil, for that matter? I must know!

  1. Aaron Brown says:

    100% yes! I love the walk, and I think the idea of zombots and vampdroids is stellar. I want more!!!


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